PPI Checks

If you are unsure whether you had PPI with us you can contact us to check and we will let you know.

Telephone: 0330 123 3501
Email: info@cardifpinnacle.co.uk

This check can take up to 8 weeks so please allow enough time for this to happen and for you to be able to get any complaint you may wish to make to us by 29th August 2019. If you are sending your complaint by post please allow enough time for this to reach us.

Do you need extra help or support?

We want to make this process as easy as possible for all our customers. Should you wish to receive your documents in an alternative format such as large print or braille please let us know.

If there is anything about your circumstances which mean you may need extra help or support please let us know so we can do our best to provide this.

PPI Complaints

If you have a complaint about the way in which your PPI policy was sold, rest assured we are committed to investigating and addressing this for you.

You can contact us directly to make your complaint. We consider all complaints in the same way, regardless of whether they are sent to us directly or made through a Claims Management Company (CMC). You are free to use a CMC or solicitor, who will typically charge you a fee for their services, to complain on your behalf if you wish.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has set a deadline of 29 August 2019 for customers to complain about their PPI policy. Any complaints we receive after this date will not be considered.

Complaints about the non-disclosure of commission

The new FCA rules allow for complaints about the non-disclosure of commission to be made in respect of PPI policies which were connected to credit agreements (e.g. mortgages, loans and credit cards) that fall under section 140A of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. It will be the Lender's responsibility to consider this type of complaint and as an insurer, we have no responsibility in these cases. If you feel you have a complaint with regard to the non-disclosure of commission, connected to a credit agreement, please contact the company that lent you the money under your agreement.

*When e-mailing please ensure you are satisfied with what you are sending and the security settings you apply.

In some instances it may be appropriate for us to refer your complaint to the party that sold your policy to you. If this happens we will let you know.

What we will ask from you:

The PPI Questionnaire has been devised by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to enable firms to properly assess PPI complaints.

What we will do:

If you remain unhappy with our decision:

If you have any new information that you feel could change our decision please let us know.

If there is no new information and you simply feel we have got it wrong, you can take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service but must do so within 6 months of the date of our final decision letter.

If you refer your complaint outside of this 6 month time frame, the Financial Ombudsman Service will not have our permission to consider your complaint and so will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances. For example if the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances.

Post: Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower,
E14 9SR

0800 023 4567
0300 123 9123


Online Dispute Resolution:

We always try to resolve any complaint to put things right. However, if you have already contacted us and we have not resolved your complaint to your satisfaction, you may wish to use the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution service. This is an online portal designed to help consumers who have bought goods or services online to conduct dispute resolution.