Corporate Social Responsiblity

We have a responsibility to help address the challenges facing our society, which is why our CSR strategy aims to support the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

Our focus is on our people, our community and the environment. With this in mind, at Cardif Pinnacle, we have chosen three SDG's as core to our CSR agenda:

Our mission is to support the CSR strategy, working with our CSR colleagues and sustainability experts across the UK to help make a difference.

Supporting the local community:

Fareway and Northway Schools were delighted with our recent donation of PCs to support the learning of their school children and responded with the following comment:

"I would firstly like to thank Cardif Pinnacle for their very kind generosity to donate PCs to our Schools.
Both Fairway and Northway Schools have had a challenging year juggling teaching and providing remote learning during the pandemic.
Every year budget constraints always effects our IT procurement and ability to refresh what the schools have available, to provide the best teaching environment of our children.
Your donation will go along way to aid our ability to remain ahead of the forever changing digital world."

CARDIF PINNACLE STAFF SUPPORT HERTSMERE MENCAP, as part of the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week - Kindness.

Hertsmere Mencap were calling out for help to raise £500 to support those with learning disabilities within the local community. Many of their members are becoming increasingly lonely and isolated during lock-down - for some, the only contact they receive in the week is when a volunteer from the charity rings them. Some have no internet or smart phones and some cannot read. The charity plan to provide them with activity packs as a really important initiative to keep them engaged.

Staff at Cardif Pinnacle set ourselves this challenge as part of the week's theme of kindness and exceeded it within just 24 hours.

Paul Moser, Chair Hertsmere Mencap said:

"We are overwhelmed by the generosity displayed by Cardif Pinnacle to support people with a learning disability and their families. Lockdown is a particularly challenging time for many of our members, who are feeling increasingly lonely, isolated and anxious. The tailored activities, resources and treats we can now provide, will mean the world to them."


Cardif Pinnacle has made a donation to Goods for Good, a local charity, which sends goods donated by businesses and individuals in the UK to vulnerable communities living around the world.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have focused all of their efforts on local communities and have been delivering goods to front-line NHS teams, foodbanks, vulnerable people and the homeless.

Among those in need Goods for Good is undertaking to support are:

Rosalind Bluestone, CEO at the charity said:

"Thank you so much, your help is fantastic. This donation will mean that we can continue to work TOGETHER with you and reach more people during this time of crisis".


Some of our team took part in Saracens Sport Foundation’s ‘Get Onside’ touch rugby tournament at HMP The Mount, in Bovingdon near Hemel Hempstead, prior to lockdown.

Reoffending rates in the U.K. continue to rise, with 50% of prison leavers reoffending if they leave incarceration with no skills or job prospects. The Get Onside programme has seen a dramatic reduction in this figure with just 15% of participants reoffending since the programme launched in 2011. The Mount is a re-settlement prison, where residents are in the last six months of their sentence, participation in the programme is a fantastic way to help prepare them for life after release.

Since lock-down, with preventing the spread of COVID-19 at the forefront of everyon's minds, prisons across the UK have switched to "essential regime" - meaning that all inmates must stay in their cells for 23.5 hours a day and can receive no visits from families or friends.

To help with the obvious blow this has had to morale and mental health, Saracens Sport Foundation (SSF) have requested support in writing letters to the programme participants- many of whom are due for release soon and are facing a more uncertain future than ever, as the country experiences unprecedented changes.

Some of our staff have responded to SSF's request to write to the inmates in order to be supportive and positive for those whose isolation is even more severe than ours.