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How to Pet-Proof your House and Other Tips for a Cleaner and Tidier Home

Admit it - while you love your pets, sometimes you wish they wouldn’t cause quite as much mess in your home. While you might be able to teach your dog to sit, teaching it to not chew your slippers or your cat to not leave hairs all over your sofa is more of a challenge. Here are a few ways you can pet-proof your house for a tidier and cleaner home.

Monday, 28th April 2014

10 Comments You Should Never Make to a Dog Owner

If you're a dog owner, you have undoubtedly had the majority of these comments thrown at you in the past - and you have probably lost your temper each and every time. Regardless of how well-intended the comments are supposed to be, more often than not they come across as rude to the dog owner.

Monday, 28th April 2014

How to spot the early signs of cat pregnancy

Whether planned or accidental, to ensure your cat has a safe and healthy pregnancy it's vital that you know how to spot the signs. These six signs of cat pregnancy will help you know you can expect to hear the pitter-patter of tiny paws.

Monday, 31st March 2014

How a pet dog can improve your productivity

Ask someone why they got a dog and they're likely to tell you about the affection and unconditional love they bring into a home. While most people would agree that the companionship a dog provides can be priceless – they really do become a part of the family – few would think about the fact that owning a dog can come with another huge benefit: they can make you more productive.

Monday, 31st March 2014

Are you spending too much on your pet?

While there have been plenty of studies looking into the cost of owning a pet, you don't need a university degree to know that dogs, cats and even smaller animals present a big financial commitment. Some pet owners would no doubt suggest that the love, affection and companionship they get from a pet is worth any cost, but for those of us limited by a budget, here are some ways you can reduce the amount you spend on your four-legged friend.

Monday, 24th March 2014