Complaints Publication

Our Complaints Publication Report

We believe it is important to put our customers first and if we have got something wrong, it is vital to us that we put it right.

To improve transparency, all financial institutions are required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to publish information about their complaints twice a year.

Here is our complaints data:

Firm Name Group Other firms included in this report Period covered in this report Brands/trading names covered
Pinnacle Insurance plc BNP Paribas N/A Jan 2016 - Jun 2016 Appliance Guard
Cardif Pinnacle
Cardif Pinnacle Warranty Services
Pinnacle Pet Healthcare
Lifelong Pet Insurance
Dogs Only Insurance

Number of Complaints Opened Number of Complaints Closed Complaints Closed Within 8 Weeks (%) Closed Complaints Upheld by Firm (%)
Banking 0 0 0 0
Home Finance 0 0 0 0
General Insurance & Pure Protection 2297 2429 97.57% 16.80%
Decumulation, Life & Pensions 0 0 0 0
Investments 0 0 0 0