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Cardif Pinnacle Regulatory Seminar a Success

Cardif Pinnacle recently held its latest Regulatory Seminar to discuss the implications of the Competition Commission's (CC) Emerging Thinking Paper

Thursday, 20th December 2007

Cardif Pinnacle Achieves Financial Skills Council Accreditation

Cardif Pinnacle's HR Dept recently achieved Trainer Assessment Programme (TAPĀ®) 'Silver' status

Monday, 3rd December 2007

FTS creates more jobs

FTS Creates more jobs in Norfolk

Thursday, 25th October 2007

Cardif Pinnacle Back to Work Support

Cardif Pinnacle Back to Work Support Service - Client DVD

Wednesday, 10th October 2007

Proficiency welcomes Government's plans

Proficiency Solutions welcomes Government's plans to boost personal finance education for school children

Tuesday, 25th September 2007