Pinnacle purchase dispels rumours!

Pinnacle Insurance plc, one of Hertsmere's biggest employers, has scotched rumours of impending departure from Borehamwood by purchasing a prestigious office and warehousing complex in Elstree Way. The multi million pound building has been secured to facilitate Pinnacle's five year plan for growth; the company currently houses more than 500 staff at Pinnacle House on A1 Barnet Way, and New Horizons in Studio Way.

Chris Mills, Pinnacle's joint Managing Director, puts the acquisition in context:

"We're delighted to have acquired 1 Elstree Way for Pinnacle - not only because we're 'bursting at the seams' in Pinnacle House and New Horizons - but also to quash rumours that Pinnacle Insurance is moving out of Borehamwood. Pinnacle will need every square inch of these 52,380 sq/ft premises to house the growth in business and staff headcount that we anticipate between 2002 and 2006. We had become victims of our own success; a nice problem to have, but one that required a timely solution!"

And Chris Mills concludes:

"Pinnacle won't be taking jobs away from this town, but creating many new employment opportunities ... our staff aren't agonizing about the future, they're busy suggesting new names for Pinnacle's new building!"