New Year's Resolutions for Pet Owners

The time has come again, New Year's Eve is fast approaching and we're all beginning to think of the ways we can improve ourselves in the upcoming year. We all have the inevitable go-to resolutions, like losing weight or exercising more, but why not this year try something different and make resolutions to improve yourself as a pet owner' There are many things we all know we should be doing as pet owners, yet when it comes to following through, we often become lazy in certain areas. This is why helpucover have compiled a list of the top ten resolutions you can make this year to help better yourself as a pet owner and improve the lives of you and your animals.

1. Portion control
We all know how hard it can be to say no to those begging puppy-dog eyes, but a little treat here and there can often build up to cause serious weight problems in your pet. It's easy to forget how much you're really giving them throughout a day, so making the effort to stick to strict portion controls is extremely important. This isn't just a matter of not spoiling your pet, obesity can be a serious concern in pets and will shorten their life expectancy. Make sure to consult your vet for guidelines on how much your pet should be eating every day and try to stick to their guidance as tightly as you can.

2. Exercising
We know it can sometimes seem like a chore, and people will often make New Year's resolutions to do more exercise with their animals for their own personal health, but keeping your pet active should be done for their benefit not yours. It's important to keep this in mind in case your enthusiasm for exercise goes downhill a few months into the year and your pet is left bored and unhealthy. Keeping your pet active is vital in keeping them happy and healthy so make sure to keep this up throughout the year, if you don't always have the time to take them out, why not invest in some new toys to keep them moving and entertained for the times when you can't'

3. Keeping up with vet visits and vaccinations
Don't put off annual check-ups and vaccinations, the majority of health issues your pets may encounter won't just go away in time, they need to be seen by a vet annually to ensure everything is okay. Even if you find the battle of getting your pet down to the vet to be a bit of a chore, their health should always be a priority and annual check-ups are not something which should ever be postponed for another day.

4. Pet-proof your house
Why not start the year by having a thorough sort out in your house to remove any temptations your pet may encounter which could lead to them causing trouble. Make their lives easier by making it impossible for them to chew on electric wires or get into places they shouldn't be such as medicine cabinets. Pet-proofing your house will allow you to live worry-free throughout the rest of the year, and by removing any temptations for your pet to misbehave, you'll find yourself telling them off less and developing a better bond with them as a whole.

5. Grooming
You may not think too much of your pets overgrown fur and claws past how it looks, but to them, these issues can cause serious discomfort and pain in their every-day lives. It's important to get into a routine with grooming your animals, try scheduling monthly cuts and maintenance care, you'll be sure to notice a positive difference in your pets behaviour.

6. Play Dates
Socialising your animals is an important part of keeping them happy and healthy. If your pet is friendly and you think they may benefit from having another animal around, why not try arranging a play session with a friend' And if you're looking for a more permanent solution, you could also try fostering an animal from a local shelter. This will help increase shelter space, provide a caring home for a less fortunate animal, and ease the loneliness of your pet.

7. Monthly flea and tick prevention
It's a small task which takes very little time, but it's surprising how many owners forget, or just don't bother, to give their pet's any monthly flea and tick prevention treatments. Prevention of these pests is so simple, especially in comparison to the treatments you'll have to provide if your pet does contract one of these problems, so make sure you don't fall victim to this mistake and don't skimp when it comes to treating your animals monthly.

8. Do something new with or for your pet
We all do it, you make plans and promises at the beginning of each year, only to become too busy or distracted to ever follow through with them. So this year why not make it a priority to do something new with your pet, whether it's finally taking your dog to experience the beach or even ordering that new climbing tree you've been meaning to buy your cat for the last few years. This year, take the next step and make sure you finally do it!

9. Assess and improve the quality of your dog's nutrition
For the New Year, why not take the time to assess the quality of food that you've been giving your pet and promise to make the effort to improve their nutrition to the fullest extent you possibly can. Researching the ingredients in your animal's food may often shock you and could lead you to making some changes in what you're giving your pet. Do some extra research this year to make sure you're happy with what you're feeding them. This includes those little extras such as any leftovers you may be giving them as a treat, there are many surprising foods which can be toxic to pets so, this year, make sure that you're in the know for the sake of your pets health.

10. Make an extra effort with training your pet
As much as we all love our pets, the majority of us will have experienced certain habits and behaviour problems which can sometimes end up damaging the relationship between the pet and their owner. So instead of letting your relationship suffer, this year try tackling the problems head on. Invest in training your pet to eliminate the behaviours which you aren't happy with. This will help you both to live a happier day-today life.

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