Pinnacle continues to keep road safety at top of the agenda

As the official sponsors of the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards, Pinnacle Insurance plc continues to keep road safety as a key element within their Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

The recent Awards ceremony held at the Savoy Hotel in the presence of Prince Michael, provided a fitting occasion to mark the considerable, individual and group contributions made by the award winners in making roads in the UK and overseas a safer place.

Martin Ring, from Pinnacle Insurance said:

"We are delighted to support this event for the 5th consecutive year and to pledge our ongoing commitment to the awards. We would like to offer our encouragement to the continuing work of those attending today's ceremony.

Our society is still blighted by unnecessary death and injury on the road so the initiatives undertaken by our award winners in improving road safety, should be applauded."

Adrian Walsh, Director of Roadsafe added

''Safety on our roads is the responsibility of everyone. Reducing the one hundred deaths and serious injuries which occur every day on Britain's roads is a challenge which occupies the minds of a few dedicated organisations and individuals.

Reducing the three and a half thousand deaths on the World's roads each day is an even greater challenge. Stimulating professionals from these organisations to do more is vital if we are to succeed.

Pinnacle does just this by making a huge social commitment to supporting the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards. These awards recognise outstanding innovation and achievement in this field.''