The cat that ate Christmas

Christmas puts a strain on our finances and we can all do without additional, unforeseen expense. The last thing we want after footing the bill for Christmas presents, turkey, Christmas pud and all those other favourite trimmings is an emergency with the family pet and the considerable costs that this can bring.

In the run up to last Christmas Mr Gillespie from Renfrewshire faced just such an emergency and a vet's bill of £336.44! Fortunately he had invested in a Pinnacle Pet Healthcare policy that covered the fee.

Mr Gillespie's 2-year-old cat, Tara, took the festive spirit a little too far when she ate a string of tinsel. Not surprisingly, Tara soon fell ill and her vet needed to operate to remove the offending Christmas decoration.

Mr Gillespie said:

"Tara has a bit of a habit of eating things she shouldn't. She broke into my wife's jewellery box in June 2003 and swallowed the biggest earring she could find! The fees to remove the earring and the tinsel amounted to nearly £600 but thankfully we had cover from Pinnacle which certainly helped out on the financial side of things."

Sarah Gaskin, Business Development Manager at Pinnacle Insurance comments:

"As Tara's case proved, even something as apparently harmless as tinsel can be dangerous for pets and it is worth remembering that during Christmas our pets should be kept safe from the trappings of the season. Yet despite our best intentions, accidents happen and vet bills can be expensive. Whilst it is comforting to know that your pet is receiving prompt, effective care the associated costs can be a significant financial burden.

The Pinnacle Pet Healthcare policy provides true lifetime protection for the cost of veterinary care for conditions that need on-going treatment as well as cover for one-off traumas such as road traffic accidents. Cover has been designed to offer you and your pet excellent benefits at a very competitive price; in fact, premiums are tailored to each pet"

Full terms and conditions of Pinnacle Pet Healthcare products can be found - and cover purchased - via a web-enabled application process that's speedy, simple and secure. Alternatively, call Pinnacle on 0845 2000 738 - lines are open Monday to Thursday from 8.00am to 10.00pm, and Friday to Sunday from 8.00am to 8.00pm.