Pinnacle Sponsors Mortgage Finance Gazette Award

Pinnacle Insurance plc sponsored the Community Services category at the Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards recently.

As reported in the latest edition of the Mortgage Finance Gazette - 'The MFG Awards are bestowed to people as well as to lending institutions against criteria that take into account the industry generally, and the wider community, including the Arts. They acknowledge that we don't live by bread alone, that financial institutions play a wider role than most people imagine, and that like the media and the world of sports, we have our stars too.'

TV journalist Anna Ford who hosted the evening said:
"These awards are a reminder that we don't inhabit the 'me first' world ... They acknowledge wider gifts and talents and a generosity of spirit not usually rewarded in the financial services industry."

The glittering awards evening, which for the second year running was held in the City of London's Gibson Hall was the largest in the four year history of the event, proof that it is enjoying growing support in the industry.

Steve Williams, Pinnacle's Joint Managing Director said:
"We are once again proud to have sponsored the Community Services categories in the MFG Awards. It's great that enterprise and initiative undertaken in the communities of our finalists are recognised in this way. They are all winners!"

The finalists in the Pinnacle sponsored categories were as follows:

· Alliance & Leicester (winner)
· Nationwide Building Society
· Chelsea Building Society
· Yorkshire Building Society

· Darlington Building Society (winner)
· Cheshire Building Society
· Derbyshire Building Society
· Portman Building Society

Photo credit: Steve Williams Joint Managing Director of Pinnacle Insurance plc presents James Grugeon, external affairs manager at Alliance & Leicester, with the Community Services Award (National Lenders).