Work Experience and Internships

Cardif Pinnacle aims to support and utilise the provision of its Work Experience and Internship initiative. With both, but particularly Work Experience, it aims to provide relevant placements within the local area, and more specifically Hertfordshire.

Work Experience

If you are interested in requesting a work experience placement, please submit a letter from your school/college (on headed paper) including the following:

Providing we have all the relevant information we will then make a decision as to whether we are able to accommodate your work experience and will contact you directly.


If you are interested in requesting an Internship placement please submit a CV and covering letter including the following:

Please note:

The number of internship placements we can offer is limited. You will therefore be asked to attend an interview and undertake relevant tests before any offer is made. You will also be subject to our standard post-offer security checks. Please send all requests to and make it clear that you are requesting either Work Experience or an Internship placement.