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Are you happy with your compliance training?

If not - we have the Solution!There was a sigh of relief throughout the insurance industry when...

Monday, 7th February 2005

Caution! Icy roads ahead

Motorcyclists are urged to protect themselves as well as their machines. Throughout this decade around seven thousand motorcyclists have been killed or seriously injured every year on...

Wednesday, 2nd February 2005

Cardif Pinnacle's Debbie Candlish is short-listed for Compliance Officer of the Year Award

Cardif Pinnacle's Compliance Manager, Debbie Candlish, has been short-listed for 'The Complinet Compliance Officer of the Year Award'...

Wednesday, 26th January 2005

Wilco and out - Fresh injury woe for Jonny Wilkinson

Without Sports Accident cover, how would you face an injury? Jonny Wilkinson's latest comeback ended with tears of frustration as a damaged medial ligament left the beleaguered England captain on crutches contemplating...

Thursday, 20th January 2005

Food intolerance - Pets suffer too

Pet insurance provides solution for dietary dilemma. It is estimated that up to 20% of the UK's population suffers from..

Tuesday, 18th January 2005